Coming of Age
Mage of Merigor

Mage of Merigor

eBook: $2.99
Series: Merigor, Book 1
Genres: Coming of Age, Fantasy Fiction
Tag: Novel

In this coming of age tale full of sorcery and magic, Nathaniel Gauthier, a young scholastic mage, battles a wraith to protect his king. He loses, and he dies.

One thousand years later, brought back from the dead in place of the great battle-mage, Jancor, he must save a kingdom in peril.

He lost his one and only magical duel. Can a scholastic mage hope to triumph against a magically gifted, battle-tested sorcerer?

If you love heroes that come in all shapes and sizes, follow along with Nathaniel as he learns that being a hero means so much more than simply being the biggest and baddest Mage of Merigor.

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